Stride Rite Early Walker Shoes: A review

A couple of weeks ago I got an offer to review a pair of Stride Rite shoes for Isabelle.

I was kind of excited to get my first chance at a review. As my friend said, my first endorsement deal! 🙂

A week ago I got the shoes in the mail. I couldn’t be happier! So here’s the scoop:

First, here’s what I got in the mail-

Aren’t these adorable! And, the box is great- I’m a sucker for a cute box. Anyway, these are perfect for winter in Colorado, but they have great styles for the summer as well.

I really love the long velcro straps. I have another pair of shoes that are still a little big on Isabelle and the straps are too short to help the situation. I can make these pretty tight and they fit just fine. The long straps also don’t come off while I’m trying to get the shoe on- this makes the process pretty quick and easy.

The shoes are made of a nice soft leather, which is good and bad. I’m not too sure about how these will hold up in the wet snow weather, but I do know that they will last for a long time. So I guess I’ll just see over time about the wear and tear.

Finally, the biggest draw for me is the sole. It’s made with Stride Rite’s Natural Motion Technology. Check it out

At first it just looks like fancy traction, but the whole bottom of the shoe moves freely with the foot. This is perfect for the early walker. Isabelle was having a little trouble with hard soled shoes but has transitioned well to walking in these. She is able to catch her balance and keep going when she has them on. I do like the extra rubber on the toe. Since she is still alternating between walking and crawling there are no scuffs on the shoe from the floor.

The one thing I’ve noticed with this is that her shoes catch on the carpet- but I think that’s just her learning to walk.

To recap:

Good things:

— cute shoe

— long velcro

— they stay on, Isabelle can’t pull them off

— flexible sole, but still gives stability

— no ugly scuffing on toe

— durable

Questionable things:

— shoe material, I have to put it through the snow test

— price. I know Stride Rite have a great reputation for shoes, but honestly I have a hard time paying $45 for baby shoes. Seeing these in action make me a little more of a believer and I have a feeling that if we have more girls these shoes will get plenty of feet time. I definitely will start keeping my eye out for sales!

Final Thoughts:

I’m really grateful for Stride Rite to for allowing Isabelle to try these out. I’ve been very happy with them and Isabelle has worn them almost everyday. They even look cute with dresses! Since she doesn’t mind wearing them it helps her to not slip on our hardwood floors anymore. 🙂

If there are any moms (or grandmas!) out there looking for a good shoe it worth giving these a shot. If you aren’t sure about what size to get, the website even has a sizing guide to help you out. It’s very easy and I used it just because I was curious what size Isabelle was wearing.

Just in case you haven’t figured out that I like these shoes, I’ll leave you with a picture of Isabelle enjoying them!  So go to Stride Rite and get a pair!

oh. If you have a child that is past the Early Walker phase, they also have shoes for the “walker” with the same natural motion technology.


3 thoughts on “Stride Rite Early Walker Shoes: A review

  1. Megan says:

    Way to go! You’ve hit the big times now! I’m still waiting for an endorsement deal. *grin* Right now I’d love one from the Dyson vacuum people. Ha!

  2. Joani says:

    Your first review, how fun. I know this sounds crazy, but I know Nordstrom puts Stride Rite kids shoes on sale at their annual fall sale. How do I know? Because I’m that sucker aunt who has to buy the cutest, sparkliest brown & pink shoes she can find for her niece =). I really didn’t know much about how well they worked, they were just plain cute!

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