Happy Birthday Buelo!

Hi, Isabelle here! Today’s my Buelo’s birthday (which is my Uncle Mike’s way for saying Grandpa in Spanish- Abuelo- since I’m the first grandkid I get to start the tradition)!

So I just wanted to tell everyone that today’s your birthday! And, my mommy told me that you have a facebook account now- so everyone should be your friend and wish you a happy birthday.

Here are some pictures I have so I can look at you. This is what you get for downloading pictures from your trip to Europe on mommy’s computer (don’t worry, I’ll be nice).

Here you are taking a big bite of pasgetty. You should really watch your manners.


Then when you were in Austria, I guess you went to a hat shop.


Here’s one I like, I think I’ll put in it my picture book so I can look at it whenever I want.


Yay for birthdays and yay for Buelo’s! I love you!

Love Isabelle.

p.s. Mommy and Daddy say Happy Birthday too!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Buelo!

  1. Grandpa Chapman (Buelo) says:

    Thanks! Have your mom give you a big hug for me. See you NEXT WEEK!!!

    Love you too!


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