Baby quilt

A couple of months ago I started a baby quilt from my Bend the Rules Sewing Book. It’s actually an “easy lap quilt” but it’ll work for a baby just fine.

My friend is going to have a farm theme in her son’s room, and her husband is a cowboy- so I found the perfect material. I wanted a look that was fun but not too kidish. Since they have a small house this will work in the living room as a regular blanket!

Here is the finished product:

This was my first time to “stitch in the ditch” as well as do any kind of real quilting. The first time I made a quilt I tied it, so I’ve never done machine quilting. This is probably the biggest size my machine could handle and I had a lot of fun making it.

Here is a close up. Aren’t the cowboys perfect?

I also love the lasso fabric I found. It made the perfect background.

I got fabric to make matching bibs and will be getting those done in the next month (baby’s coming in January!). I’ll post those when I get them finished.


6 thoughts on “Baby quilt

  1. Super cute!

    We’re leaving for CO on Friday!!! And, I’ll be there until sometime in Jan – any chance of seeing you or hooking up with your MOPS group, whatever we can arrange! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

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