Happy Birthday Isabelle!

I realized this morning that this post is a month late- but better late than never!

We celebrated Isabelle’s first birthday with a ladybug birthday. I’ll take a picture of the invitations I made for another post so here is what we did for the party.

I made ladybug cupcakes. This was my third batch of red frosting (that I made the night before), good thing I didn’t wait until the morning of to make these!

I found a tutorial for these online, but didn’t add the marshmallow eyes they suggested. It just looked a little creepy.

Here is a close up (complete with grass!)

She ate it right up.

Next, we moved on to the presents. She didn’t know what was going on, but really wanted the toys out of the box right away. Tim learned that a Dad’s job is to open and assemble new toys.

She started walking a week before her birthday and is now starting to stand up without holding on to something- there’s a little less crawling everyday!

And finally, here she is enjoying her first birthday pancake (blueberry even!):


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Isabelle!

  1. We celebrated Mikayla’s 2nd birthday with a ladybug party. Your cupcakes turned out adorable. I was going to attempt something like this, but then I had to go a different route. Can you believe she’s already 1 year old?

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