Am I a geek???

Birthday party weekend wrapped up nicely at our house and now I’m back in “real world” (i.e. MOPS) mode. I’ll be getting pics up soon and maybe some thoughts about Isabelle turning one.

On to other things for now.

The reason I posted.

Last night Tim called me from his computer to show me something. He had a movie trailer ready for me to watch. And I must say- I’m pretty excited to see this movie. Which one is it????

Star Trek. (Aunt D, don’t click this until Uncle K is there to watch it with you)  🙂

Yep, I said it. I’m actually excited to see a Star Trek movie. I’ve never seen a Star Trek movie although most of them are in our home. One Christmas we didn’t see my Dad or Uncle because my uncle got the box set and they had their own mini movie marathon. Anyway…

I will never measure up to the enthusiasm of people I know, but I do feel that I’m inching closer to geek-dom by admitting I want to see this movie.

(anyone watch Heroes? Sylar as Spock? Amazing.)

3 thoughts on “Am I a geek???

  1. Dad says:

    Like the new Star Wars episodes, it will be interesting to see how they upgrade to current technology and special effects and yet are “pre – stories” to the old stuff. Yet very cool!

  2. Uncle K says:

    Hey … sounds / looks like a great show! It was interesting how close they came to a young spock. I wonder what the story is with the USS Kelvin? It’ll take the fun out of it to watch with all the new fangled special effects instead of the old effects though! he he 🙂

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