David Letterman, here they come

I getting ready to fall asleep last night when I realized something.

My parents are moving in like two weeks (another post- I’ve been working on that one for a while). Normally when they move they stay either in the same town or pretty close. For almost the last 20 years they’ve stayed in the same 2 hour radius. Anyway.

This time they are moving to Idaho.

This is huge.

But the best part?!?!? They will be in the same time zone. And ultimately that means: same TV schedule!

I almost blogged about it right then. This is huge. [edited to add: I just re-read this and laughed that I wrote “this is huge” twice in a row. Continue.] For one, I can no longer call them an hour before they watch a show and taunt them with the ending (that is always fun for me). Now I could chat with mom while we are watching a show- this will greatly improve my Amazing Race situation.

And what did my mom say when I told her this? Hey, now we get to watch David Letterman since it’ll start at 10:30!

Priorities I tell you, priorities.

p.s. I just checked my stats and someone found my blog by googling “does everyone lead a boring life”. I think


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