a note to my mom

Hey Mom,

I just made your meatloaf for the first time and it was good. So despite your vague recipe, it worked. And even though I talked to you 45 minutes ago just to make sure I was cooking it long enough, I thought you deserved a note.

Come to think of it, this would be a perfect recipe for the Amish Cookbook you gave me with all it’s pinches of this and dashes of that.

And, I forgot to tell you that after I put in a measured amount of salt and pepper (which I guessed at), I added a bit more from the shaker just to feel like I was “really cooking”. I did the same thing with the oatmeal, I’m such a rebel.

– your daughter

P.S. Tim took seconds


One thought on “a note to my mom

  1. Bev says:

    Dear Rebel Daughter – I am so happy the meatloaf turned out well and that it was good. You can thank grandma Ankeny because it is, after all, her “vague” meatloaf recipe. And, you have made it as a cook if the husband takes seconds.

    Thanks, Mom

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