My favorite day of the year

Bet you thought I was going to write about the elections, huh?

No, today was an even better day than that!

The soft launch of Stabucks Holiday Beverages!!!! Oh, when I get my hands on a gingerbread latte, all my troubles go away. It’s wonderful.

We went in this morning to get our free coffee after voting and I remembered that today was the day the drinks were available. I decided to get one instead of my free drink (great marketing tactic Starbucks) and I must say, it was great to take my first sip.

To save us some money I’ll be buying a bottle of the syrup so I can have them to my heart’s content at home.


2 thoughts on “My favorite day of the year

  1. beird says:

    I think I tried the gingerbread latte on your recommendation. It is delish!

    By the way, I joined the Army and leave for Basic Nov 20th (actually up to Denver 19th then fly out the 20th).

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