Photo Meme

I’ve had this in my drafts for a while since I saw Megan post it. I thought today I would post it as a way to kick off NaBloPoMo. It’s kind of fun- try it out sometime when you just want to play around on the interweb!

1. Amy 2. Bread 3. 1997 4. Purple 5. Legolas 6. Dr. Pepper 7. The beach 8. Ice Cream 9. Centered 10. Family 11. Laughter 12. Porterhouse7

Here’s how it works:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker. Choose 3 columns with 4 rows.

The Questions:
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to? (or, What year did you graduate high school?)
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name. (kid version: favorite animal?)


3 thoughts on “Photo Meme

  1. Debby says:

    What a cute Lady bug you have there! That doesn’t surprise me that Ashlyn would tell you that 😉

    Drew gets back on Thursday. So I have to go get him and we will stay in Denver all day (I have a Dr appt )and spend the night so he can go to his oral board with west Metro fire on Friday morning.

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