“feeding” the dogs

Our two dogs have figured out the benefit of having a baby around the house. Food on the floor!

First they circle around the highchair, waiting for any morsel to drop.

Occasionally one of them will decide that food’s not dropping fast enough onto the floor and decide to take matters into their own hands (or paws).

Finally, Isabelle decides that she’ll help them out and provide some food for them.

It’s a deal that works well for the dogs. Unless the food doesn’t land on the floor and they spend 15 minutes trying to find where the smell comes from.

See the carrot in the corner? Yeah, this drives Petey nuts. Isabelle on the other hand, thinks it hilarious to watch the dogs while she’s eating.


2 thoughts on ““feeding” the dogs

  1. oh she shares. a little bit for her, a little bit for them. If she has decided that she doesn’t like that particular food (i.e. green beans or puffs) they all go on the food as fast as she can get it off her tray.

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