A new kids book!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to pass on a new kid’s book that’s been released. This book was written by the husband of a mom in my playgroup and he has a blog ad campaign going on. 🙂

Here’s the information and the link to buy one of his books (or I guess just the first one-before the release date!). Check it out and help him out!


“What a charming story! I think this will be a bedtime classic for years to come in families. Those who are children will grow up to read the story to their children.”

– Stacy Baker, Tate Publishing, Mustang, OK

Have you ever fallen asleep while reading a book and found yourself dreaming that you were a character from that story? This is the inspiration behind Eric Hallam’s Dream Seed book series. The vivid imagery and illustrations in Big Dreams will plant Dream Seeds in your child’s subconscious while the soothing lullaby rhythm will help them fall fast asleep. Check out DreamSeedBooks.com in order to get yourself or someone you love a copy.

Want to get a copy of Big Dreams free?


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