Two years ago I posted about Infant loss awareness month. Tomorrow is the official Infant Remembrance Day.

I know I still don’t say too much about Lucy, but I know that you all think about her like we do.

I’ve been reading a blog for a while now, written by a mom who lost her daughter this past year.

She has committed to pray for families who have suffered an infant loss and opened a post for moms to let us know about their babies in heaven.

I started reading the comments when there were 135 left on the post. When I linked this there were 607.

If you feel led to pray for these families or add your own name, visit the site here.


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  1. Katie Krause says:

    Amy, I am so glad you came to vist last week! If for nothing else, a chance to talk about Lucy. I think about Lucy and you all a lot. you are such a great person and a great mom. I pray for you all often. Thanks for being you.

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