There’s milk in our fridge

This morning I had to run over to church early to set up a Christmas project that I’m heading up.

I had everything ready to go and was going to get back home to pick up the fam for church when a little boy started jumping around the greeting area and found the cookies I had brought for our visitors. He grabbed them and started to open the bag- he wanted the cookies.

Let me explain about this little boy. He and his brother have been going to our church with their mom for about 6 years now. Their mom can easily be labeled as “the crazy lady” at church and she is often in rehab or somewhere else. When I had arrived at church this morning I was told that they may have slept in their car last night. So obviously this is a needy kid and family.

My first “ironic” point of the morning was as he grabbed the cookies. I knew that he shouldn’t eat the cookies but they only thing I could think of was “those are for the guests!”. Not for the dirty hungry little boy standing in front of me. I asked him not to eat them and got him out of the area. 5 minutes later he was back again. As I stood in front of him again, practically pulling the bag of cookies out of his hand I asked him if he was hungry. His eyes lit up and he said he was. So I told him we’d go find him some breakfast since cookies aren’t a good breakfast.

The first thing I could find was a roll that we use for communion, so I gave him that and kept going with him around the church (the roll was gone before we barely stepped out of the sanctuary). I finally was able to find someone to get into our food pantry, got him some cheerios and juice and our coffee bar people gave him milk. At this point I was “running late” and passed him off to some other people- his mom was using the bathroom to get ready.

I left the church without a thought and then headed home. I rushed inside so that we could grab everything and head back over. And then I opened the fridge. Inside I have two gallons of milk. Milk we keep well stocked. Milk I don’t even think twice about buying. Milk that the little boy needs more than we do. In one moment I felt both a twinge to help the needy in the world and grateful that my basic needs have always been met.

To tell you the truth, it’s taking all my common sense and reasoning not to go back to the church and bring him home with me right now.


2 thoughts on “There’s milk in our fridge

  1. Audra says:

    Thanks for sharing your day with us! My heart goes out to that little boy and his family! It was probably hard not going back and taking him home. Who knows what lies ahead… only God does.

    Your in my prayers,

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