next generation

I’ve started giving Isabelle a little time each day to play in her room. We’re not upstairs very much so I’d like to think of her room as something more than the crib holder.

For my first birthday my Grandpa made a toy box for me. It’s a big white house, the back of the roof is on a hinge for the removal of the toys, there are doors in the front that open and there are even open windows all around. It’s a great toy box.

The house/toy box has been in the nursery for a couple of years now and only gets played with when my friend’s daughters come over. I have always wondered when Isabelle would start playing with it. Guess what? She discovered her house this week!

It’s perfect for her. My grandpa somehow knew what to add to that peaks interest developmentally. Isabelle learning that things open and close? Check- she spent 10 minutes closing a window that swings right back open (that part’s not on purpose- it’s an old magnet). Isabelle trying to see how one toys fits in another toy? Check- she first figured out that she can play with it when she saw the open windows. She throws a toy in through the window and then pulls it back out. Soon she’ll see that she can reach in from the front door instead of sticking her hand through the window.

It’s pretty fun to watch her play with it this week. I know it’ll become a favorite of hers and I love that my grandpa took more time than just nailing a box together and painting it.

Now I just need a new place to store my old Barbies…


3 thoughts on “next generation

  1. grandpachapman says:

    Thanks Amy! Daddy did spend a lot of time building it and we spent a lot of time transporting it. So it is so cool to hear of it being used again as you did for many years. Lots of love in such a small house!

    From the other Grandpa Chapman

  2. Jamie says:

    Ah, Barbies. I need to find a place for my old Barbies too. They will probably not see any use for a long time, unless you want to get together and play Barbies!

  3. Bev says:

    What I remember the most about your doll house/toy box is when you and Nick would be playing and all of a sudden it would be quiet. I ‘dlook for you and invariably find the both of you inside the toy box giggling and having a great time. I am not sure how you both fit in there but you thought it was great. that truly has been a great, lasting gift from Grandpa.

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