My week at home

If anyone would like to know what I’ve been doing for the past week head over to my sister-in-law’s blog.

There you will find pretty much what I would say (and see pictures!).

But hey, MOPS starts in two days and then maybe I’ll surface for a little while (did I tell all you internetters that I’m coordinating our group this year? Well I am, so now I’m busy.)

Good night.


One thought on “My week at home

  1. MOPS is starting up all over the place this week! We had our first MOPS meeting yesterday (I’m the creative activities leader and in charge of the blog and newsletter this year in Newberg). You are the 3rd mom who has said they will be going to MOPS sometime this week and you all live in different states! Best of luck coordinating…from one who knows that yes, it is quite a busy job!! Have fun!

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