Hey you’re popular

The one thing that bummed me out when I switched to wordpress was that certain parts of sitemeter didn’t work anymore. If I wasn’t checking my stats everyday then I would miss what things people are searching for to get to my blog (just making sure that my blog isn’t getting found with bad searches).

Anyway… as I was saying I was all bummed out, until yesterday! I don’t know if they changed something or if I just didn’t pay attention but I can actually see all my true stats! Exciting, I know, but this gives me something new to be obsessive about!

Here’s what I learned. My sister Melissa is the most popular link on my blog. In a close second comes Monica and in a surprising twist, my brother Nick is third! I think my family is using my blog as their personal bookmark folder…

I’ll go through my searches to find how people get here in another post. The results are a little skewed today because Tim was bored at work and decided to find all the creative ways to search for my blog. Those alone could be a post!

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Hey you’re popular

  1. Megan says:

    How did you get this to work? My sitemeter is totally boring on wordpress. Everything comes in as “unknown” – I’d love to see some real fun info again…

  2. Diane says:

    I found your site from a comment someone left on my best friend’s blog who lost her baby at 23 weeks less than three weeks ago. She and her husband are dealing with finding their “new normal” and someone directed them here. I have been amazed by the blogging world and how helpful it is to find complete strangers who have had the same experiences…their story is at justinandalyson.blogspot.com

  3. Wow! I think you’re right, I think it’s the family bookmark thing. But hey, I’ll take it! 🙂 Sometimes with my Blog Reader I don’t even visit the actual blogs anymore, so I wonder if that taints the counter at all (as in, does it count it as a visit if it’s just on my Reader?)

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