Happy Nine Months!

Hey baby,

You turn nine months today! At this hour nine months ago I was hearing my doctor telling me if you weren’t born soon we’d just have to take you right on out. Fortunately for me you decided to do things your own way!

We got to visit your doctor yesterday to see how you’re doing. Guess what, the reports good! You weigh 17 lbs 12 oz. That’s only a pound in three months which is good because he said you’re catching up to your genetics (you weren’t meant to be in the 85th percentile!). You also grew an inch- three more feet and you’ll be gone growing!

Some fun stuff happened this month. You learned to drive.

You learned how to make guacamole and even tried to help Daddy out with that.

You discovered that it’s fun to bang spatulas on the kitchen floor while Mommy’s cooking and you realized how fun it is to look out the window when it’s raining.

Wait, what’s going on with your hair?

Oh yeah, Mommy discovered that you have *just enough* hair to make a ponytail. It’s time to start toughening up your scalp for all the fun hair do’s you’ll be getting as you get older.

Now I only have three months to plan your birthday party!

Love you baby!


6 thoughts on “Happy Nine Months!

  1. Bev says:

    Oh, my word!!! What a sweet, special granddaughter. Happy Nine Months – Love the ponytails, little girl. I’ll call you soon on your cell phone. What’s your number? Love you, Grandma

  2. Audra says:

    Hi Baby Isabelle,
    We are so very happy you are learning to crawl… learning how to cook and exploring the world around you! You have some amazing parents…. They love you with all that they have in them and someday you will look back at all the scrapbooking that your mom has done for you with thankfulness at such a rich heritage. God has plans far beyond what we, as your family, can even dream of at this point. Love Him with all your heart, serve Him to the best of your ability, and Go where he leads you girl. Not only do you have a cloud of witnesses in heaven (including your beautiful sister, Lucy) but you also have your family here. We love you and are very excited about your future…
    Much love to you,
    Your 2nd Cousins,
    Kevin & Audra Hiller

    Ps The pigtails ROCK!

  3. 9 months already?? I guess that makes sense since Austin will be ONE at the end of September!! These babies grow up way too fast! Cute pictures and fun updates of all the things Isabelle is up to.

  4. Isabelle — what a beautiful lady you are becoming! So happy for all of you and the great family pics that I get to see on the blog! I love seeing your comments on our web site too 🙂 Wish we could see you again soon, but know that the love is coming your way from Arizona. Take care and happy 9 months!

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