I’m not lost, I’m LOST

My friend Facebooked me the other day asking where I’ve been on my blog. She asked if I was lost or something. Well, I guess in a way I’ve been lost, I’ve literally been using every nap time to watch LOST episodes online. I know it’s not the best use of my time, but I’m almost done with all four seasons and then I can use the internet for other things! And, nothing else is really going on around here.

Oh wait.

We have an almost crawler in our midst. Isabelle screams a little less each day as she experiments the benefits of the “army crawl” versus “all fours”. So far she’s getting somewhere with a slow army crawl.

I’ll have some actual video footage up soon. Mostly because my dad is coming into town this weekend and my mom is jealous that she won’t be here with him.

So I’d thought I’d keep some semblance of a readership by posting a quick update today.

I’ll be around when I find my way again!


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