blog wars

Apparently my mom thought it was necessary to “get back at me”. Check it out and I can actually hear my brother laughing all the way in PA! The funny thing about posts about things like cleaning is that all of the sudden you have this giant accountability network. Two people, TWO PEOPLE, asked me yesterday if my house was going to be clean (no one ever comments to me in person about my posts!).

I hosted our play group yesterday so guess what. My house is clean!!! Well, at least our main floor is. Which is a step in the right direction. Those moms never know what my house looks like during the week! Which got me thinking, I have no idea why my grandma worried about her house being clean when they traveled. It was clean ALL THE TIME!!!!! That’s the real trick people. I was laughing to myself that I having people over was the only way it got done.

But enough about boring stuff like cleaning and repressed mom/grandmother issues. Tomorrow is a Holiday!!

We’re going to take Isabelle to see her first parade and have a BBQ with our Sunday School class and then get ready for a 3 AM drive to the airport. I think we’re a little nuts. That means we probably won’t see any fireworks, but we wouldn’t have anyway with a baby that has a 7 pm bedtime.


3 thoughts on “blog wars

  1. Beird says:

    But Amy, concerning the bathroom floor, did you ever say anything nice about the rest of the house. 🙂

  2. Aunt Devonne says:

    I’m sorry Amy that your in a frazzle over this “housecleaning before we go on a vacation thing”. I’m really not sure how my Mom/your grandmother did it with five kids! I know that I don’t remember how the house looked when I was Isabelle’s age. At that time their were four of us. I’m sure it wasn’t spic and span, but she probably did have it clean before we left on a vacation. Anyway please don’t stress about it. As Uncle Kenny would say “who’s going to see it anyway”!

    For your information my house will be clean before we leave for the Oregon coast only because we’re hosting our two class reunions at our place. Yikes! I better get going.

    See you soon!

  3. Audra Hiller says:

    ok so this whole cleaning before you go on vacation thing is starting to send me over the edge in a panic…. I am turning into my mother, which isn’t a bad thing mom!, but I am hearing her say, probably what Grandma Ankeny said, just get it done before you leave then you won’t have it looming over you when you get back! Ok where is a piece of paper so I can start making list… maybe I can do it when it is cool outside since our humble abode is sweltering with heat in our 106 degree weather… WE CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BEACH

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