It’s my mom’s fault

I don’t really feel that I have too many issues from how I was raised. I have a fairly laid back family and we’re pretty close so I don’t spend my days sorting out things from growing up. Until this week.

We traveled a lot as a family, first from living overseas and second from having family in another state. While that has made me a very flexible traveler, I realized that my mom taught me one thing that practically gives me panic attacks every time I travel. It’s this: Your house MUST be spic-and-span before you go on vacation.

I know why she always did it, it is really nice to get back from being gone and not having to spend time cleaning up from a mess you left. But it doesn’t really work for me so I send myself into a mental frenzy for weeks at a time. I bring this up now because we are leaving town for a week on Saturday. And I’ve been worried about making the house clean for over a week now.

So will the house be clean, you ask? No. Has it ever been clean when I leave on vacation? Not a chance.  But I’ll have my fair share of running around the house making lists of what I need to do and start the dishwasher as we head off to the airport. All thanks to my mom.


8 thoughts on “It’s my mom’s fault

  1. funny you mention it…right now i’m procrastinating from cleaning my house. we’re headed out tomorrow for almost a week and i always try to clean the house before i leave. especially when we go camping (which is what we’re doing this week) because there is so much dirty stuff we bring back.

  2. Aunt Devonne says:

    This is not all your Mom’s fault for it was handed down to us by your Grandma Ankeny. We could not leave for any vacation until the house was clean.

    I’ve done it myself only until the last few years when I was able to walk out the door knowing that I hadn’t cleaned the house before I left. But it really is nice to come home to a fairly clean house. 🙂

  3. Bev says:

    Thanks sister for sticking up for me. It also applies to making sure you wash your dishes and straighten up the kitchen before you go to bed so you don’t have to get up in the morning and face a dirty kitchen. Or making your bed before you leave the house or, or, or. We could come up with all kinds of stuff we were taught to do.

    Okay Amy, you have a daughter and when she grows up she is going to blog or whatever they will be doing in 20 years and she is going to blame you for something. So, just remember that!

    I am very happy that I give you material to write about!
    Love you dear – see you on Saturday. –Mom

  4. Heidi says:

    My mom did the same thing growing up and now I am the same way….but, I absolutely CAN’T leave unless I have cleaned. If I don’t have time to get the whole thing done, I have to at least make sure the kitchen is clean and I vacuum…that way it “looks” clean when we walk back in! We inherit some great things from our moms, don’t we?!

  5. Aunt Susan says:

    It wasn’t my mom but my grandmother! To this day I can’t leave the house without my bed made or the dishes done. We just returned home after being gone for two weeks and it is so nice to walk into a clean house . . .

  6. Paula says:

    I’ll chime in here, even though you’re sitting across the room from me at this moment! I like to have things at least picked up, dishes and laundry done before we leave – I don’t want to come home to a smelly kitchen. But it wasn’t because my mom made me do it. It’s more the way I am.

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