summer reading

Today I finally made it back to story time at the library. I’ve been having trouble getting there because the time has been either her eating time or she’s in the middle of a nap. She took a good nap this morning and still had enough time to make it through story time before needing to eat. So we headed out and it turns out they changed story time hours so I was actually 10 minutes late instead of 20 minutes early.

Isabelle had a lot of fun this time. It’s the first time we’ve been since she’s started to interact better with other people and toys.

When we were done with story time we walked around and looked at ALL THE KIDS since none of them are in school. We also found out that babies can sign up for the summer reading program! I love summer reading programs. All she has to do is “read” 2 picture books to count as a point. After reading about 60 books she get two tickets to a Sky Sox game! We’ll get to go to 2 games this year! (The first one being the “Navigator Night”- my former place of employment).

We checked out three books, one of which she sucked on all through the grocery store, and we have a month and a half to get done. I think I’ll be pretty sad if my kids don’t grow up liking the library!

One thought on “summer reading

  1. I grew up going to the library, and always participated in the summer reading programs (usually it was for a smaller prize, like a free ice cream cone, or maybe my memory is just awful). I still go to the library and grab multiple books to read, and I sure hope my kids will be the same way!

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