Grandpa is coming to town

In about 4 hours from now Isabelle will be waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come up from the tunnel at the Denver Airport and play with her non-stop for four whole days! I’m sure she can hardly wait.  🙂  My parents were able to get a really good deal on tickets so they both were able to come instead of just my mom. This will be their “calm before the storm” as they take a break before the busy season at their jobs.

I’m sure as Isabelle gets older this will be one of those days that I’ll have to make a countdown chart just so that she’s not asking me everyday about when they are coming. It’s good that even though we don’t live near my parents, they are able to come visit fairly easily. We grew up in another country so we didn’t see our grandparents very much. It would’ve been way more fun back then if we had even a piece of today’s technology.

The last time they saw her she was still kind of in a sleep most of the day mode so we’ll have a lot of fun since she likes to play more now. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to post later!

One thought on “Grandpa is coming to town

  1. Sounds like this would be an excellent opportunity for “Grammy Bevy” to write a post on her blog…maybe some pictures of her trip to CO? I’m getting pretty tired of reading about last July’s Ankeny family reunion!!! LOL

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