Isabelle 2, Banana 0

Our little baby has been eating “solid” food for two weeks now. She loves it! Mostly I think because she can see everything going on around her and she doesn’t have to turn and twist and look at everything upside down.

I gave her rice cereal- loved it. I hardly had to force it down her. Next up, avocados. No blinking twice on that one. Well, she did make a face on the first bit or so but after that, smooth sailing.

Today I thought I try out bananas. The next food on the list of “good baby foods”. Not so much. This morning she made a face every time I tried to give her some. She even almost gagged it all up at one point. We tried again this afternoon to see if she just wasn’t hungry this morning. Nope, this time she started crying. It was pretty funny actually. I let her play with little pieces of the banana but she didn’t realize that it could go into her mouth and just looked at it all stuck on her hand. She did all her rice cereal though!

I like how the books say that you need to try a new food like 10 times to see if a baby will like something. If I keep eating the other half of each banana I’ll definitely be getting my fill of potassium over the next week!


2 thoughts on “Isabelle 2, Banana 0

  1. Gracie did the same thing with bananas the first few times, but now she squeals at them in the grocery store and can’t get enough. Isabelle might come around eventually. =)

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