Sometimes I take a bloggy break

I was seem to go on these unintended bloggy breaks. I like these break though because I’m actually busy and that’s why. I’m coordinating our MOPS group this fall so I’ve been spending more time at the church office and meeting with past leaders. Our church secretary loves it though. Our staff has been downsized lately so she’s often alone and enjoys our company. She especially enjoys Isabelle’s noises. I haven’t figured out a good time to go though. Every time I try it seems that’s when Isabelle doesn’t just want to play. But she does enjoy sitting on my lap and banging on the keyboard.

So, all that to say that life is happening and I’m enjoying it. We’ve got a fun summer planned around here which includes a trip to the zoo, a trip to the Grandparents (maybe the ocean will actually be seen this time…), a visit from the grandparents (next week!), a wedding, and who knows what else but it’ll be fun.

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