Happy [Late] Mother’s Day

I always think it’s funny how “good posts” equal lots of comments. I’ve been tempted to just leave the last post up, never write anymore and I’d still probably get lots of comments! But, life moves on and so should my blog. We had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. Tim and I don’t usually “over-celebrate” holidays. Since we don’t we didn’t really have much planned- which is great. Saturday we decided to head over to my favorite grocery store and pick out a good lunch to make at home.

We played it by ear as we walked around and ended up getting some fresh Columbia River salmon (yeah for Oregon!). We then decided that we wanted to grill it on a cedar plank and that was probably the best decision we made yesterday. I had never grilled on cedar before and the flavors are awesome. I think the fresh factor also added to how good the fish turned out. Unfortunately since we are no where near to a fresh salmon source, that’s a meal that we can only get once a year. But it was worth it. The weather was great so we ate on the deck while the baby was sleeping. It was a good day.

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