May?? Where’d April go?!?!?!?

I just realized this morning that I fell off the face of blogworld. So sorry, between a sick baby and traveling I haven’t had much blog time available. In fact I’m still catching up on my feed reader!

We had a great time in Phila (as the local signs say). And it does feel a little weird to be back after being there for 8 days. Isabelle had fun with Uncle Mike and Aunt Melissa and even decided that Uncle Mike deserved to see her roll over for the first time. He worked with her all week on it, he should become a baby coach or something. When we want her to start crawling we’ll have to fly back there.

We saw all the sights (well, except for the US Mint- apparently they don’t want to work on weekends- what’s up with that?!?!?). Here is Uncle Mike’s picture of Isabelle at the Liberty Bell.

We also got to go to Amish Country and look at quilts. It may not sound exciting to you, but my family heritage involves a lot of quilters and it would be a shame not to check things out. It was pretty amazing because the Amish don’t have elaborate patterns in their quilts, but they do amazing quilting by hand. I’ve included two pictures from the museum we went to.

All these designs were hand done in the 1920’s.

I’ve got a couple projects I’m working on at church, so I’ll try to sneak in a few more updates. And apparently in Colorado, April Showers bring May snow. Snow on May Day. Not too flowery!


3 thoughts on “May?? Where’d April go?!?!?!?

  1. It was fun seeing you three! Looking forward to seeing you again on the other coast in a couple months.

    That picture of Isabelle at the Liberty Bell is awesome!

  2. Precious pic of Isabelle. So sorry we didn’t get to see her in that quick diaper/formula transfer. I’ll pass this pic along to Quinn.

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