And we’re off!

Tomorrow we are leaving for the East Coast to visit my brother! They came to see us for Thanksgiving so we haven’t seen them in 5 months!

I’ve never been to Philadelphia so it’ll be fun to play tourist for a while. I like being a tourist and checking out things that make a city unique.

We’ll be gone for quite a while actually- we planned it alongside a business trip that Tim is making so Michael and Melissa are stuck with me for more than they probably want to be! 😉  It actually makes it easier for me to get Isabelle adjusted to everything if the trip isn’t too quick.

I have a good 8 hours before we go to bed and I haven’t packed yet. And that fact is making me freak out! I hate packing too late in case we forgot something or need to wash some clothes. But the reality is that we have everything we need and the laundry is almost done so I shouldn’t be freaking out at all!

Well, I may or may not check in while I’m traveling- my brother will have his laptop in class with him so I’ll be disconnected from my internet world, yikes! Wish me luck!

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