Play group

This year my friends have started a playgroup/babysitting co-op. We haven’t really gotten to babysitting yet because most of the babies still get taken everywhere, but I think that will start up once the babies get a little bigger. We have consistently gotten together since August (when most of us were still pregnant) and now there are 9 babies in the group. Here are the babies “playing” last week when we met at my house:

Let’s see- here are 6 of the babies. The oldest is 15 months and he was taking a nap. The 12 month old is crawling and now trying to walk- so he is standing up eating snacks in the top corner.  The 8 month old is on the left of Isabelle with her legs in the air. Her mom is from Germany so she gets spoken to in German and English. We have two 6 month olds- one is on the right of Isabelle and the other is playing in the bouncy seat behind the picture. The oldest of the 4 month olds was sick that day so she’s the only one missing. The twins that were born 3 days after the 1st 4 month old are looking at each other on the top left. Isabelle rounds out the group as the youngest- born two weeks after the twins. She trying to look at Puddle out the window but doesn’t know how to roll over yet so she looks at things upside down.

I think we are all looking forward to the kids actually being able to play together although this is a big improvement from sitting in their car seats the whole time! At the same time, having two mobile babies in the group shows us just how crazy it’ll be when everyone gets mobile. Our playdates are going to get a little more creative. This summer we’ll try some parks and maybe the zoo a couple of times.

I’m really glad for a group like this- even though we didn’t know most of moms before this group we are starting to get to know each other better and it’s been a lot of fun.


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