It all started with Harry Potter

Every once and a while Tim and I will have a movie night on Sunday nights. Usually I’ll make popcorn and we’ll have other treats with it. It always makes me think of when we were kids. My mom always did the big Sunday dinner (lunch) so that we could just have snacks and watch Wonderful World of Disney (WWD). I think every week she’d tell us that’s what she and her family did while she was growing up.

We continued that until WWD moved to Saturday nights and then we got too old for those movies (and started going to youth group on Sunday nights.

This year we started watching a new Harry Potter movie each week and while I like the movies, watching them over and over isn’t as fun. So we decided Sunday night movies are going to be a new family tradition for us. Right now it helps Tim finish the weekend well after doing non-stop homework. It’s also fun that there are actually movies for rent right now that we want to see. So once we get through those we’ll continue with our own library.

It’s been fun to make something we’ll do intentionally do as a family!

One thought on “It all started with Harry Potter

  1. Coolio! We used to watch WWD on Sunday nights too (it was motivation to get our homework done early, which I, as a procrastinator, never did). Did you ever watch Avonlee? Was I the only one who was in love with that show?

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