Spring Cleaning 2008

I really didn’t know that the day after I posted my Spring Cleaning post, Monica would start hosting Spring Cleaning 2008!

I thought about my schedule all day yesterday. Since I haven’t kept up with some of our rooms it’s going to take a lot more than a day or two to clean up. I do it to myself really. I like to look through everything and make sure that I have good reasons for keeping something.

But, I think that I have more rooms that could just use a good sprucing up, so I’ll try to get those scheduled out. Last year I did my schedule and I think I only ended up cleaning the laundry room and maybe a closet. Even with just those I’m very glad I did it.

Here is my rough schedule, I have some specific days and some rooms will be an ongoing project.

March 6: Kitchen/TV Room

March 10: Dining Room/Living Room

March 11: Entryway hallway

March 14: Master bedroom (This could take a while, we are including going through our closets)

March 17: Guest Bedroom/Guest Bath/Linen Closet

March 18-21: Office/storage closet

March 22: Garage/Car

March 24: Craft room

March 25: Nursery/Laundry Room

March 28: Front and back porches

There will be prizes so every room cleaned counts as an entry! Go visit Monica’s website to see other achievements in Spring Cleaning! I’ll post my kitchen update tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning 2008

  1. Wow – look at you – very ambitious! You make me feel like spring cleaning. I did laundry yesterday does that count? 🙂

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