Candy Season

I’m pretty excited. We’re nearing the end of “candy season” and I think I made it through ok. It started with Halloween- Tim overbought candy for passing around and we were giving away candy through Thanksgiving. I was still pregnant so I don’t think I paid attention to how much I ate. It also wasn’t chocolate, which means I ate more than I normally would’ve. Come to think of it I think I really failed this season…

Christmas candy is the hardest to avoid. There seems to be an abundance of chocolate in our house for a couple of months. Add the fact that “Santa” gives us a stocking full of chocolate every year it gets pretty bad. Fortunately “Santa” prefers dark chocolate and doesn’t realize that I’m not a fan so I don’t end up eating a lot of it- Tim has to take it for the team.

I made it through Valentine candy very well actually. I only had a couple of M&M indulgences and for the most part my cravings were in the cookie category. I stayed away from conversation hearts and I think we only bought one bag of M&M’s.

But the worst of my candy weakness occurs at Easter. I love it all. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, little tiny candy bars, jelly beans. Did I forget to mention jelly beans? I have to ration what gets set out during Easter. Currently we have a little bowl of Hershey Kisses sitting out. I walk by them all day and don’t pick up a single one. Jelly beans? When they’re out I think they last 30 minutes. The whole bag. It actually makes my teeth hurt. But I keep eating them. I can’t help myself.

The worst part of Easter candy? (well actually it’s the best, but I digress). The Cadbury Egg! There I said it. Every year since I was a kid I know Easter is coming when those appear in the grocery store. I can’t stop buying them. I’ve had one already and the 2nd one is on our counter staring at me. I’ll probably eat 3 or 4 more in the next couple of weeks. There’s nothing better than slowing eating the chocolate from the top, and then I eat the middle part (yum, yum!) and finish by devouring the rest of the chocolate. I enjoy the egg even more when I know that this also signals the end of the extra candy display staring at me in the grocery store.

So wish me luck as I resist the temptation to buy jelly beans and pass the Cadbury eggs at check-out. All I need to remember is “pre-pregnancy jeans”.


2 thoughts on “Candy Season

  1. I am so glad I am not the only adult in the world who still craves the Cabury eggs. I haven’t had one yet, but now that you mentioned it, I might be swinging by Freddy’s at some point today. =)

  2. Megan says:

    I know your problem with dark chocolate: The Dove Bar stash from 1998 (or 97?). I still can’t look at a dove bar without both giggling and grimacing…

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