She knows she’s home

I always think I’m going to blog when I’m visiting my family- but I never get much time.

I spent today thinking about how I need to blog about my trip before I can move on to other exciting topics. I even tried to start a post and wrote the first sentence of this post and stopped for the rest of the day. So instead I thought I’d make a quick list of the fun stuff we did last week and leave it at that. Besides, most of you readers saw me anyway!

  •  Spent time with Uncle Nick and Aunt Lindsay- Isabelle liked playing with them.
  •  Went shopping at our favorite outlet mall. Hit a great sale at Children’s Place. Got Isabelle’s easter dress.
  •  Clam chowder and bread at Mo’s. Yum!  (*this website intro is hilarious)
  •  Seeing my childhood friend Anna and having our babies “play” together- made me feel old.
  •  Lots of good coffee everywhere
  •  Church service at Newberg Friends
  •  Foggy, misty, rainy beach weather
  •  Seeing lots of family and friends
  •  Not so fun- Isabelle got a cough, we see her doctor this week.
  •  Sitting in my mom’s office all week and not letting her work!
  •  Coffee with the girls- love my college friends!
  •  Playing with “Grandpa and Grandma Chapman- the next generation”

One thing I noticed the most is even though Isabelle is only 3 months old she really knew that she was out of her routine and I think it affected her. She got a cough and slept a lot more through the week than she normally does. And to prove my point, today she decided that she wasn’t going to sleep as much as she did last week and looked around the house all day (and smiled at her dad a lot). I think she knew she was home the minute we walked into the house.

Tomorrow we’ll be up and running as usual again, as long as this sore throat doesn’t attack me!


2 thoughts on “She knows she’s home

  1. It was so fun to see you this weekend! Isabelle is quite the sweet little lady. And I’m with you on the Mo’s intro, that cracked me up (I’ve been to that location once, too, it was TINY!). Later gator!

  2. Aunt Devonne says:

    It was fun seeing you and meeting Isabelle for the first time last week. What a cutie pie and good baby.

    It was a fun girls day shopping too. Your Mom and I could have bought the whole store out at the Children’s Place. Cute clothes & great prices. We love shopping for our grandkids!

    I think I caught Isabelle’s cold. That’s what I get for smooching her so much! 🙂

    Aunt Devonne

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