We made it

Well, we made it to Oregon safe and sound. I wish I could say that the flight was uneventful but we had quite a day.

It started by getting on a tiny plane (four seats in each row instead of six- it makes a difference!). I had Isabelle in the Baby Bjorn so she hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Right when I sat down she decided she was really tired which means crying until she falls asleep. I think every passenger thought she was going to cry the whole time- you could see it in their faces. I sat down and the girl behind me had to move forward because she sat in the wrong row, so I had to get up and let her through. I tried to see if she was hungry and would fall asleep that way but she was just tired and didn’t want to eat. Then the stewardess asked the girl if she wanted to sit across the aisle (she was out of her seat before the stewardess finished her sentence) so I had to get up again. I moved to the window seat and a man had to sit by me during take off for weight balance. That didn’t make much sense because the flight was almost full, but he moved back to his seat after take-off.

I made it to Phoenix and then was getting ready to board the plane when we were told there were issues with the plane and we’d have a new gate (a ten minute walk). We finally got on the new plane and were waiting when the said the captain had to finish paperwork at the gate. They finally pushed us off and we had mechanical problems again! An hour after we got on the plane we returned to the airport to get on a third plane! Fortunately they prevented angry customers by providing a pretty decent snack box as soon as we got off the plane. And, Starbucks was open right across from our gate. Caffeine and food makes people happy.

We finally got on the last plane and left when we were originally scheduled to land in Portland! Isabelle did great on the last flight since it was her bedtime and she was full. I did decide though that I don’t want to have connections with a baby. Only direct flights for me!

We had a fun day yesterday- it was a little long for Isabelle and she’s enjoying Uncle Nick right now. We got to see a lot of family and friends at church which was great. Today we have lunch with her Great-Great-Uncles (my grandpa’s brothers) so we’re looking forward to that. Then tonight we’re headed to the beach!


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