Megan transferred her sewing bug to me so I decided to try out my Christmas present. I received a gift certificate to a bookstore and knew right away I’d get this book for myself:

I’ve become an Amy Karol fan since I found out about this book. She lives in Portland (yeah!) and if I was “vintage” I’d want to be like her. I try to be vintage but t-shirts and jeans tend to win around here. Anyway, since I got the sewing bug but didn’t want to finish any of my current projects (all the fun is starting, HELLO!) I decided to make something for my new little cousin being born next month. I can justify fabric purchases if it’s for a gift. 🙂

I lucked out though and went during JoAnn’s Presidents Day Sale and scored on some good, inexpensive fabric.

My first project I tried were her baby bibs. I love these! Super easy and you can pick what they are going to look like! I choose to get a patterned flannel backing while she uses cream and I like the feeling of it being reversible. I made three bibs and actually have enough fabric from the fat quarters to make 3 more.

Here are my finished product- I’m taking them with me to Oregon so I had a deadline. That is really the only way I ever get projects done around here, anything I’m keeping for myself will never get finished!

I wanted to provide some variety and had a hard time finding pink fabric I liked. I picked the middle fabric first- it has blue and yellow in it and decided to pick fabric from there. I like that even though the colors are brown and blue the flowery patterns provide the girlishness.

I found this flannel for the backing and it reminded me of a fabric my Grandma would’ve made something for me and my cousins with so I love it.

The best part of this project was the snaps! I have never set “real looking” snaps (as I call them) and it’s actually super easy. I did have some issues with the snaps on one bib and Tim discovered that a vice-grip is the perfect tool to remove a snap without damaging the fabric. I ended up putting three snaps on that bib before I got it right!

Each bib was less than 1.25 due to my cheap cost of fabric and they are so much cuter that what I’d find in the store. Oh, they also seem to be for smaller babies- as Isabelle grows I’m going to try and figure out how to make them bigger (most likely just enlarge the pattern bigger!). She drools a lot so I think I’ll be adding a bunch of these bibs to my own collection.

If you want to see what other kind of items are in the book, click on the Flickr sewing group button on my side bar and check out all the projects her readers have made!

Now I need to get packing to leave! I’ve got a couple of hours! Yikes!


4 thoughts on “Craftiness

  1. Amy –

    These turned out adorable! I’ve never heard of this book but immediately went to our library web site and requested it! I can’t wait to see what other projects she has!

  2. Aj says:

    I *love* that book, and I *love* those bibs! So crafty you are! You know, if you happened to find some supercute boy-like material and needed to practice making bigger bibs, I know a place that could take those practice runs off of your hands. 😀

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