The Costco Trip

Well, as you remember, today was the opening day of Costco in town. And I went.

It was too bad actually. I made some good moves and got my membership card over the weekend. No line for me today!  By accident I arrived at the perfect time I think. My original plan was to have breakfast at Chick-fil-a (my coupon this month was for a breakfast sandwich- thanks mom!) and then get to the store around the opening time. But Isabelle decided this morning that she was hungry at 4:45 am (she’s been sleeping until 7 the past couple of days) so instead of getting up before her to get ready I slept until she woke up. Then after feeding her, getting dressed and out the door we ended up arriving at Costco at 9 am. I found a parking spot right away and the crowd was pretty small by then.

Last night the store had a “VIP” event where they invited members to come in and see the store and have a bunch of samples (but no one could buy anything). After taking a large detour (which turned out to be a good idea) and parking in a gravel lot down the street we made it to the event. There were enough samples to count last night as dinner. It was crazy. And they gave away muffins so that was breakfast. Free food, yum. I think that was a good idea because anybody who would’ve come today out of curiosity saw the place last night and didn’t come today.

I was in and out in an hour and am all stocked up on my food. I didn’t get a ton of stuff since I’m figuring out their pricing and what is beneficial to buy in bulk.

One of my new things is to get more meat than we would eat and splitting it up then freezing it for later. Today I bought ground beef and put it in separate 1 lb baggies. Now I’m ready to go! Yeah!


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