First of all, how cute is this dress???

Ok, now that I got that out of the way…

Remember this post a month about my Christmas cards? I finally figured out what to with them thanks to Rachel! I could scrapbook them, but that would mean I would actually have to scrapbook. I try, really I do but it may end up being a lost cause. So I basically made a collage without the hassle of magnets and clutter on the fridge! We hung it up in our kitchen and it looks great! Here it is:

It’s fun to see those pictures everyday and I realized we’re now in the stage of “kid life” and not just “couple life”.

Next up, my decorating. After dinner on Valentine’s day we hung pictures around the house. We took them down when the house was for sale but didn’t put them back up when we decided not to sell.

Here are the new pictures in the hallway. I got the postcards a couple of years ago in Oregon and finally framed them.

Here’s the close up, I love these pictures:

And finally, the nursery. We never put anything on the walls when we finished painting and I finally collected enough to hang up. Here’s what we see when walk in the room:

One of Tim’s friends took the pictures that are above the crib. We also have a framed handprint but we still need the footprint. If we don’t do it soon the foot will be too big for the frame!

Here’s the other wall. I love the giraffe penny bank and Megan’s candle makes the room smell like baby powder even without lighting it!

I think that makes me caught up on pictures! I have a fun new craft project to show and I may get that up later today.

Happy President’s Day!


4 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Hi Amy –

    I love the Christmas picture collage! They all seemed to fit together so well!

    By the way – the craft store in Corvallis has those Paul Lindquist post cards in an 11×18″ print size – Leslie bought some for her Dad for Christmas this year (to decorate their new vacation home in Sisters). If you ever want a bigger one, let me know. I think they are $16.99 or something like that!

    Later gator!

  2. Mom says:

    Amy, oh our little sweetie looks so cute! The dress does to! We can hardly wait to see the both of you. See you Saturday! Love you all, Mom

  3. Hey Amy!

    Your place looks great! I couldn’t tell if our Cmas card made it up on your scrapbook wall–and then I couldn’t remember if we actually sent you one, so I wanted to make sure. I know you sent me your address and we meant to send you guys one, but with moving and everything I don’t remember who we actually sent it to! Let me know if you didn’t get one, I still have a few more.

  4. Hey Amy!

    I love the postcards! I have some by the same artist in my guest room…but with a Washington theme. I have the Canon Beach postcard, too. 🙂

    Hope you all are well! I saw Jon and Sara last week. Love them!

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