Girl’s Week

Isabelle and I are taking our first Mom/Daughter trip this coming weekend and going to visit my parents! We lucked out by having miles to redeem meaning that we could leave from the Springs instead of Denver. That’ll take off 95% of the stress of flying with a baby without having Tim with me. We do have a layover which we didn’t have on her very first plane ride so we’ll see how that goes. Fortunately she’s on a better schedule and we are leaving in the afternoon which is when she slows down on eating.

Since my parents now live about two hours from where I grew up we are going to my hometown for a couple of days before we head to the beach. My brother still lives there and Isabelle and I are going to stay with him and his wife. They have a tiny apartment so I was looking forward to providing “birth control” with a crying baby in the middle of the night but she sleeps through the night now so I’ll have to tweak my plan.

We are going to my home church and I was just talking to my dad about which service we should go to. They have three services and I have friends that go to each. I was thinking about going to 2nd service to catch people at the end of 1st and beginning of 3rd, but that may be thinking about it too much. We are also going to eat lunch with my Great-Uncles before we head home. I used to work in the retirement home they now live in so that’ll be fun.

My family hasn’t seen Isabelle since she was a week old so they are going to think she’s huge! She’ll definitely be more fun than she was three months ago. And, two of my aunts are going to be in town so they’ll get to meet her for the first time.

So if you read this and live in Newberg, know we’re coming and I hope we see you. If we don’t, I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose.  See you next Sunday!

P.S. I know I get to get new pictures up- they’re coming soon! I had to recharge my camera this morning. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Girl’s Week

  1. Aunt Susan says:

    Hi Amy! I hope I am one of the aunts you were talking about. I would love to see you and Isabelle and I will be in Newberg this weekend also! Even if it is at church for a few minutes – that would be great . . .

  2. Aunt Devonne says:

    Uncle Kenny & I are looking forward to meeting Isabelle next week, and spending some time with her Mom. 🙂

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