Giveaway Tomorrow

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I was woken this morning with breakfast in bed! I was still half asleep while eating it (up at 5 am with baby), but it was fun anyway! Anytime Tim makes me breakfast (or in this case, drives to Dunkin Donuts to get the pick of the litter) I think about when we used to make breakfast in bed for my mom. I remember doing it more when we were in elementary school and stopped when we actually could make our way around the kitchen. Our favorite was to make pancakes, I don’t know how my mom and dad let a 5 year old and her two little brothers make pancakes by themselves. I’m sure my dad was around but I don’t remember him. I was really bad at flipping pancakes (I still get nervous when it comes to the flip) and in 4th grade somehow I almost started a fire with a hot pad during flipping the pancakes. But this morning when I was thinking about breakfast in bed I wondered to myself if we’d let Isabelle and her siblings cook by themselves. I think I’d be more afraid of the mess they would create! 🙂

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you! May you be served with breakfast in bed.

Don’t forget that my drawing is tomorrow for the Pampered Chef cookbook- Stoneware Inspirations. You don’t need stoneware for the recipes, baking sheets and dishes work great as well. Leave a comment on this post to enter!

2 thoughts on “Giveaway Tomorrow

  1. I thought about making Joel breakfast in bed today but figured he’d rather have sleep…

    As far as letting kids cook in the kitchen, that will be interesting, won’t it? We’ll probably dread Mother’s Day because it will mean we’ll have to clean all surfaces from very sweet little ones who want to make us presents. =) But I’m sure it will be worth it.

    A lady came in today to the coffee shop where I work and showed me the first Valentine card her son ever made for her–she carries it in her wallet, and now he’s 23! Isn’t that sweet? Soon that will be us!

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