Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new home! Since it’s 5 in the morning I’m not going to write much, but I wanted to make sure I got the word out about the new site.

As a part of the Big Bloggy Move, I wanted to have a giveaway! Leave a comment and I’ll have a random drawing for the Pampered Chef cookbook- Stoneware Inspirations (and maybe a couple of other goodies). I’ll have my drawing on Friday Feb 15th.

Have a look around and I may add some more when have two hands (as opposed to a sleeping baby on my lap).

Thanks for stopping by!


13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I like the new blog… I especially like that recent comments show up on the side bar – very convenient. I look forward to reading your stories and seeing more pics of your beautiful baby!

  2. Did you know your link in the Mr Linky is wrong? You mispelled wordpress, so people aren’t reaching your blog 😦 you may want to sign up on it again and maybe you’ll get more traffic! We had a lot of people go through today.

  3. Hi Amy! I was wondering what the big move was about. I like the new look. You’ll have explain why to me later. Oh and I would love a new cookbook – something to help me use all my stoneware – I’m all for that!

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