My new header

I probably could’ve finished my post this morning because it took me over an hour to really fall back to sleep. Sometimes my body thinks it’s still opening for Starbucks and wants to stay awake. It’s a blessing and a curse actually.

I wanted to give a shout-out to the house in Boston where I took this picture. Over a year ago Tim went to Boston on business and I joined him on the trip. I’ve always loved photographers who go to Europe and take pictures of doors, windows, and other parts of homes. It’s just neat to me.

I think I had just left Old North Church when I saw this window. I love window boxes and I wish that I could grow more “Northwesty” flowers out here. The only thing I’ve managed to grow are marigolds- not my favorite. I really enjoyed that trip and I think I liked it because it wasn’t filled with thoughts about how we were supposed to have Lucy with us.

If you’re even in Boston make sure that you head over to Little Italy and visit the Old North area- it’s lovely and will make you want to live there.


2 thoughts on “My new header

  1. Rockin’ header! I love the pictures of old doors too. I wanted to take a bunch of pictures like that and frame them and hang them on the wall by our front door. I tried, but my pictures never really turned out all that hot. I really like this one though! I hear you on the flowers! I would love to have a beautiful garden. I just blame it on the climate here (but I think that it’s actually more the fault of my not-so-green thumb)! Hope you have a great day!

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