My life revolves around store openings

Yesterday I took Isabelle to get her pictures taken. She did great- I scheduled it right after she eats so that she’d be awake and smiley, and she was!

When we were done I had the horrible task of picking which pictures to buy. After what seems like the rest of the afternoon I had made my decision and was getting my order together. The photographer was scheduling my pick-up date and said “How about February 20th?”

I looked at the date and knew there is something I’m doing that day. I couldn’t remember and thought about it a bit more and then I remembered. “Costco is opening that day!” She laughed as I scheduled my pick-up around the fact that I would be attending Costco’s opening. But hey, Costco is THAT cool. I’ve been waiting for this day since I moved to Colorado, why would I miss it????

So yes ma’am I planning my life around the opening of a store and I’m proud of it!


2 thoughts on “My life revolves around store openings

  1. eric, janell & jackson says:

    you most certainly should plan your life around costco’s opening. our first post on our blog was about how much we love costco!

  2. Aj Schwanz says:

    Hello?!! Great samples and cheap diapers/wipes/dinosaur chicken nuggets? That’s worthy of celebration. 🙂

    You’ll have to scan the new pics, you know.

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