Here’s something I need to know. Isabelle is starting to have arms that are too long for her sleeves and her toes get squished in some of her pajamas. She’s still in 0-3 month clothes and I’m still able to snap onesies just fine. What I don’t know is what is the best way to transition to the next size. Often when I put something on her it’s fine on the changing table but after wearing it, it’s obvious that it’s getting small on her. I then forget which clothes were small after I do laundry.

What worked for you all when getting to the next size?


4 thoughts on “Question

  1. cherice says:

    I noticed that 0-3 months and 3 month clothes aren’t much different in size, and 3-6 month is just slightly bigger. So you could try some stuff thats one of those sizes, and see if it works. They grow out of stuff so fast that it’s always a good thing to put them in stuff when it’s slightly too big, or when you wash it the first time it shrinks to be too small! =) It’s amazing how quickly they get huge. Espen’s a year old on Friday!!!

  2. eric, janell & jackson says:

    i was lucky and got most of jackson’s clothes from jennie and sarah (michael’s wife). also lucky in that i have way too many clothes for him. so, what i did was when i noticed clothes getting too small, i just put that size all away (unless i knew some were going to fit for awhile) and got out the next size. i’d definitely recommend getting the next size out soon, because you’ll find some might already be too small. jackson’s 4 1/2 months and is in 9 month size (some 6-9 month). good luck 🙂

  3. Aj Schwanz says:

    I always dress my kids big. I’m always cold and figure they are, too: so they need the extra fabric to keep warm. Right? Yes, crazy mama.

    When the clothes even come close to being small, I chuck them in a bin and move on to the next size. But I also like changing things up, so I probably do it earlier than necessary. Oh well. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Back in the day – we only had 2 or 3 outfits for our kids so they wore them as long as possbile! We skipped the 0-3 month size for Andy & Luke . . .

    Aunt Susan

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