Two months down

Isabelle has made it through two months of her life. And she’s growing to prove it.

We had her pediatrician appointment a couple of days ago. She got weighed, measured, poked and prodded.

The doctor walked in and said, “Hello chunky monkey!” (Hey, she’s not that fat!) Here’s why:

* She weighs 10 pounds, 12 oz. 63rd percentile.
* She’s 23 inches long. 85th percentile. We have no idea where she gets the length from.
* Her head is 15 inches or so, in the 63rd percentile as well.

She developing right on track. We only have a flat head issue but she all of the sudden started turning her head to the opposite side this week. Hopefully it’ll correct without having to go to rehab.

In the middle of the appointment she got hungry, started crying, and we topped it off with four shots and an oral vaccine. Not a happy baby that day. But hey, she got her first dose of Baby Tylenol out of the deal!


One thought on “Two months down

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday to my 2 month old great neice! I’m glad your growing big and strong. Can’t wait to meet you.

    Aunt Devonne

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