The ongoing game

Tim got me a 2 player strategy game for Christmas. I love board games but we don’t have too many that he and I can play together.

The game is called Pentago. We take turns putting the marbles on the board and the a square has to be turned (so you need to know where you want the marble to end up). Since Christmas we have left the game on the counter to play as we walk by- ala Mauri and Sherry. It’s been fun to play as we go along our day. Sometimes a game will take 2 or 3 days, other times we stand in the kitchen and play a quick game. We’ve had fun learning the strategy and trying to out-trick each other.

4 thoughts on “The ongoing game

  1. Aubrey says:

    You should get on Amazon and look for the game Quarto. It’s a great two-person strategy game that is quick, easy to learn, but almost addictive. It’s like a very grown-up connect four. Last year we gave a set to all my brothers.

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