It’s Library Time!

Our library system is great- we have one main branch and then smaller branches scattered around town. The branch for our part of town is right around the corner so I have never had the need to visit other branches. Until now.

One thing they have is baby story time. I wasn’t sure about it since Isabelle doesn’t have the capacity to listen to stories. My friend told me that her son loves story time so last week I decided to check it out. It was awesome!

The library staff have set up the time as a way to develop pre-reading skills. I didn’t have any early childhood development classes in college since I wasn’t a elementary ed major- so I wasn’t really aware that there are ways to develop reading skills. They make it lots of fun for the babies and we only get in a couple of stories the whole time.

The morning starts with songs and nursery rhymes. During that time we help the baby act out motions and in general play with them. The librarian reads a story, we get a copy to read again (I didn’t read today because Isabelle fell asleep by that point), and we finish the morning with a short playtime. Today the playtime didn’t work too well because there were 10 babies under 6 months that still play by themselves. The morning ended with 6 of those babies crying their heads off. But it’s fun anyway- and it’s free. The nice thing is that they have a different story group for each age so she can be involved at the library for a long time.

As an added bonus I discovered that this branch is much better than my branch so I hung out a little while afterward and read some magazines. I’m seeing a Monday morning tradition starting…


4 thoughts on “It’s Library Time!

  1. Megan says:

    Which branch did you like? I have distinct memories about the PPLD and which branches actually liked kids and which absolutely didn’t… *wink*

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    I miss the PPLD! Is the story time called BabyGarten? I went to one when I was at my sister’s and was supremely jealous that we didn’t have any such thing. I’ve found story time here to be lacking in the convenience department! But, I am so glad you got to go and that it was a good experience!

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