A New Year, a New Me

For a while now I’ve needed to get my hair cut. It’s the longest I’ve ever had it, which has been since my senior year in high school. I don’t have a regular stylist and haven’t wanted to pay the giant price most places cost. So I keep putting it off- until today. I was picking up a book I ordered and heard a commercial on the radio about a salon by our house that was having a special haircutting day. They were donating all the proceeds to the families that were affected from the New Life Church shootings. I decided that I should go in and give that way instead (part of the reason I hadn’t cut my hair yet was to be able to donate it). I went in and got a real nice stylist who is a Christian and was from Roseburg, Oregon! She also ended up keeping my ponytail for the donation box they have- double score!

Here I am with my new do. The camera doesn’t show the whole thing very well and I’ve already played with it a bit- but I like it a lot. It’s lighter and supposed to be easy to maintain. And I was able to keep some of the length! Oh, and I think it makes me look thinner. Bonus!


7 thoughts on “A New Year, a New Me

  1. Aj Schwanz says:

    Woot woo – sexy mama! Very lovely.

    I’ve never enjoyed haircuts as much as I have since having kids. There’s something about alone time in a chair with someone whose sole purpose is making you pretty. It’s nice.

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Amy – I really like your new cut! I’ve been contemplating something new as well – we’ll see.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow Amy . . . You look like such a “cool” Mom with your new hair design and what an added bonus that you donated your hair. Also, thanks for the prize!
    Aunt Susan

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