Christmas Baking!

I’ve been going around to all my usual blog reads and keep seeing post after post about everyone’s Christmas preparations. This year has been a bit anti-climatic for me since I’m home and not surrounded by the usual Christmas cheer (my past two jobs relied heavily on Christmas business- therefore it’s been in my face for 6 years). I couldn’t take it anymore and last night I quickly baked up a batch of M&M cookies. It may not sound like a traditional Christmas treat, but I remember that my Mom only seemed to make them at Christmas- therefore I usually only crave them at Christmas.
I had enough to take to Bible Study with us and for Tim to take the rest to his co-workers. He really wanted to give them something, but hadn’t said anything to me so he was pretty glad when he came home and realized that I was making them. The only thing I was sad about was that I was too asleep this morning to put them in a cute bag. But you don’t need a cute bag to enjoy cookies!

We leave in the morning for Iowa and Isabelle gets to meet her only living Great-Grandparents. Not only is Isabelle the 1st (well, 2nd) grandkid on both sides of our family, she is also the first great-grandchild for them. They are pretty excited about that. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Tim’s relatives a little bit more than we normally do when we visit…

I won’t be able to really post from there so here’s a “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” to all of you and I hope that you have a great time with your families and friends.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Baking!

  1. Bevy says:

    Ah M & M cookies. The batch I made last sunday is about gone. I took a bunch to the staff room for staff to enjoy and they inhaled them.
    I will have to make some more before Nick gets here tomorrow night.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with the Great Grandparents! Love you all, Mom and Dad

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Ooh – your cookies sound so yummy! Do you mix the M&M’s in the dough or put them on top? I’ve always wondered how to do that.

    Hope you trip goes well! Merry Christmas!

  3. Luke Ankeny says:

    Grandma Ankeny always used to have M & M cookies at her house … not just at Christmas time. Three generations of M & M cookie bakers. Let me know when Isabelle get’s her Easy Bake Oven … I’ll be there.

    Have fun in Iowa!

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