One month old

Hey Isabelle!

You’re a month old today! I don’t even know what to say. I still can’t believe that you’re here and we get to be your mom and dad.

I’ve decided that you are going to be a pretty laid back person. You’re happiest in our arms but can be patient with me when I put you down so I can take a shower. 10 ladies at MOPS can pass you around without you even stirring a little bit. Our dog Puddle can lick your face, sniff your feet and practically sit on you and you don’t mind at all, you just keep sleeping. You even be in a mall on a Saturday before Christmas and not wake up.

You have adapted to the cold weather and decided that you can sleep just fine in your bassinet. In fact, you have been considerate of your mother’s need for extended chunks of sleep time and give me at least 3 hours of sleep before you wake up again. Maybe next month you’ll show us you are a big girl and move to your own room.

You like your daddy. Your favorite thing to do is have him hold you and you just stare at him. You like it so much that you have a hard time falling asleep. Right now he likes watching the Science Channel with you to make sure you are learning. You’ll also be one of those girls that love to watch football- you may even yell at the television. Don’t be embarrassed by this, it’ll make you attractive to boys later on.

What will happen for you in month two? Maybe you’ll grab your tummy time rattle on purpose and not just because I put it where your reflex will get it. Maybe you’ll smile at us for real, although it is pretty cute to see you smile when you are full. Will you finally be happy in your Baby Bjorn?

Thanks for a good first month Isabelle. I promise I’ll work on not laughing at you when you cry but your pout face is just too cute.


5 thoughts on “One month old

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy one month Isabelle! You have a large extended family waiting to meet you. Have fun with your Mommy and Daddy as they wait paitently for your first smile, first laugh, first time you roll over, first crawl and your first step.

    Your Great Aunt Devonne

  2. Bevy says:

    Isabelle, we’re sorry that you shoved you into your stocking. But we wanted to show Miss Leann how it looked. After all she made it for you. You are too cute for words, even your pouty face. Grandpa and Grandma miss you tons. We show all of our friends the cute pictures of you. Take care of mom and dad for us. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa C

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