Learning to be a daddy

One thing that has been pretty funny for Tim and I is seeing how he is learning to take care of a baby. He’s got the diaper down now, but not after a few diapers that didn’t provide the best coverage. He’s getting the passing-the-baby down, no more nervous panic that I don’t have her when he gives her to me. He’s got the typing-a-final-report-while-holding-baby down, it’s the only way I get things done sometimes.
But the thing we are working on and continues to make us laugh is how heavy of a sleeper he is. Tim has never woken up well. I usually have to stand back if I need to wake him up because he startles easily, often accompanied with a self-defense move (I fear getting karate chopped). I’ve stopped trying to wake him up at night to help out because of these two incidents:

1. I had just finished feeding her after like two hours and she kept crying in her crib so I just needed Tim to hold her. He stumbled out of bed, walked around a little and picked her up. Once she stopped crying he comes over to me and says, “Go for it”. I looked at him and asked him what he meant. “You said you needed to clean the nursery,” he responded. Um, nope. I explained that I just wanted him to hold the baby and I fell asleep. The next morning Tim told me that soon after I fell asleep he woke up in a panic trying to figure out how the baby got in his lap. I don’t think I’ll ask my semi-conscious husband to hold a child in the middle of the night again.

2. Tim has a fear that if the baby is in the bed, something will happen to her. A couple of nights after incident #1 I had finally gotten her settled down and in bed. All of the sudden Tim sits up straight, turns on the light and starts moving the bedding around. He started asking “where’s the baby?” and kept lifting up his pillow and blankets. I told him a couple of times that she was finally in bed and now I was mad because the light was going to wake her up. Sure enough, she woke up and I had to get up again while Tim went back to sleep.

I’ve stopped trying to get him to help as you can see. But I don’t hold it against him, so far I’ve been able to get her crying pretty good in our room and he doesn’t blink an eye. Well maybe, I’ll catch him lifting his head and looking at me when he rolls over, but I don’t think he really sees me. Since I don’t have my podcasts ready yet, he’s my 2 AM entertainment.


Once more story that made me laugh.

Tim hasn’t practiced burping her while she sitting up and I like to do it that way to control where the spit up goes a little bit (I know it’s in vain but I pretend). Last night at bible study I suggested that he burp her sitting up. Not too comfortable with it but he said he’d try. The next thing I know he has her propped a little against the arm of the couch, is holding the top of her head, and patting her back with his other hand. I lost it (I started laughing so hard I ended up interrupting the conversation), I have never seen anyone hold the top of a baby’s head to burp them. Too funny. Needless to say we are going to work on holding her without the feeling of choking her. The joys of being a daddy.


6 thoughts on “Learning to be a daddy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Too funny! Uncle Kenny said one night that he would get up and take care of Darrin. But he did not hear him. I heard and waited. He did not get up that night or any other night after that. Uncle Kenny is not that sound of a sleeper, but God did not instill in him or any father the ‘Mother alarm”. For us mother’s can hear our children at the very first small cry. It’s nothing for the father’s to be sorry about that is just the way God made us. I have great hopes that Tim will be a great father.

    Have fun!

    Love, Aunt Devonne

  2. Audra says:

    I lauged so hard for quite awhile imagining the burping incident. I am so glad that things are going well for you and Tim. I cannot wait to meet her!
    Love you,

  3. Anonymous says:

    I laughed so hard I cried over the burping story. Amy, you painted a great visual picture with that one!


  4. Luke Ankeny says:

    Tell Tim, I’m right there with him. Also tell him to never wake up in the morning and say, “Well … that was a good night! (Insert baby’s name) didn’t wake up at all!” Took me until baby number 3 to figure this one out.

  5. Heidi says:

    So funny Amy! I love the middle of the night stories. Luke is right in his comment though…I was never very happy with him in the morning when he commented on how well the baby slept (when clearly I had been up 4 or 5 times!)…thanks for the laugh!

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