Weekend update

Isabelle had a special visitor this week. My youth pastor growing up (and the pastor that married us) was in Denver last week so he made sure to come down and see Isabelle. This is what he did the whole evening:

He also made sure to call his wife a couple of times and rub it in.

It was a lot of fun to spend time with Steve and catch up- I saw him this summer when I was home but didn’t get to really hang out. He’s the first person from back home to meet Isabelle (that is not my family) so he can go back and brag a little- at least to all you that read my blog. 🙂

Things are settling in around here- we had a baby shower yesterday at our house and it was great to see our friends and let them hold her. She’s starting to have really good awake times during the day and sometimes at 2 in the morning.


5 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Steve Fawver says:

    It was so wonderful to be with you all! Thanks for you warm welcome and thanks Isabelle for letting me hang-out at your house. You are a beautiful little girl!!!

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